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Adoption process

Change a life – Adopt a rescue


Our adoption process has several steps, and may take anywhere from two to eight weeks. Please understand that we are all unpaid volunteers with commitments outside of rescue, and we try to process the applications in a timely manner.  All applications are processed in the order in which they were received, unless the dog being applied for is in an urgent situation. Due to time constraints of volunteers, we will not proceed to the next step in the adoption process if we are unable to contact the applicant within a reasonable time period. Once you apply, please plan to check your email regularly for new updates or questions from a rescue volunteer. If you are unable to consistently check email, please explain this to your assigned volunteer, so that we can make arrangements to keep the process flowing smoothly.


We take the adoption process very seriously and hope you will too. Really think this decision through and be fully aware of the challenges that come with pet ownership. We want you to treat the animal as a full participating member of your household. Think about the following questions: Why do you want a pet? Do you have time? Can you afford the new addition? Are you prepared to deal with the special problems a pet can cause (or that two pets can cause if you already have one)? Is it a good time to adopt? Who will care for the pet when you are on vacation? Can you have a pet where you live? This needs to be an ongoing commitment – when you move you will always have to make this your top priority. If you are in the military, who will care for your pet if you are deployed? Are all the bases you might move to have bans on specific breeds? Will your spouse be able to care for the dog and any child (children) for the duration of your deployment?

Bad weather, classes, work, social, family, chores – these are not good excuses for not caring for the dog. Adopting a pet should be looked upon as a lifelong commitment of love and responsibility for the welfare of that animal, just as you would have for a human member of your family. Please only adopt (either through rescue, breeder or shelter) if you have seriously considered and weighed the above comments.


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