Become a hero – Become a foster.

L&R Rescue doesn't have a facility. All our rescues get placed into loving foster families. We provide all vet, food, and grooming expenses - you provide the love. 


If you love sharing your life with a four-legged companion but due to different circumstances you don't want to fully commit to a dog or cat; fostering might be the right thing for you. Enjoy all the advantages of having a dog without having to worry about the future. You can choose how often you want to foster. Or maybe you're considering getting your first furry friend but you want to test the waters first to see if 'the dog life' is really for you. Fostering is a great way to do so. Thinking of getting a second dog but you don't know yet if your dog really enjoys having a new pack member? A lot of families found their perfect match through fostering. Where else do you get the chance to test out a variety of different dogs without a lifelong emotional and financial commitment.

Last but not least: Yes, letting your foster animal go is hard! Even though you know fostering is just for a certain amount of time you do get attached. So why going through this emotional rollercoaster? According to our foster parents seeing a dog or cat on death row transform into somebody's beloved pet is one of the most rewarding things they ever did and it's the reason they want to do it again and again. 

Our fosters are truly our heroes and we are thankful for every single one! Without you, we couldn't do what we love most: saving lives!

If you're interested in becoming a foster parent please fill out our Foster Application Form or 
contact us if you more questions about the foster life.

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