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Dog Adoption Application

Adoption Process

1. Fill out and fully complete our online application
2. Phone interview
3. Reference checks
4. Meet and greet
5. Home visit
6. Follow up after adoption

Adoption Requirements

1. Applicant must be at least 21 years old.
2. Submit a fully completed application.
3. Applications that are not complete, correct, and contain falsified information will not be considered.
4. Provide vet references for all pets you have owned in the last 5 years and immediately notify your vet we will be contacting them for your pet's medical history.
5. Consent to a home visit.
6. There is no age requirement for children. Although there is no requirement, there will be situations where the animal can not go to a home with children or to a home with small children. Every application is evaluated on a case by case basis and determinations will be made in the best interest of the animal.
7. If you rent, you must be willing to provide authorization from your landlord that you are approved to house a pet. The authorization must be written or verbal communication directly with the rescue in regards to weight and breed restrictions.
8. If you own your own home, please be prepared to show proof of ownership.
9. If you have current animals, they MUST be spayed/neutered. If there is a valid medical reason why they are not, we must see proof of that.

Dogs available through L&R Rescue are vaccinated, heartworm tested (if old enough), dewormed, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.

If the application is incomplete or contains falsified information, the applicant will no longer be considered for adoption. L&R Rescue does not notify applicants if they have been denied. We also reserve the right to remove a dog from a home if it is determined our adoption contract has been breached.

Ready to meet your new companion? Fill out your application!

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